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▼ Aurora Tarot What is it?

"Aurora Tarot" is an original tarot card devised by June Shibusawa (Japanese tarot reader).
It based on the world of the extreme north where the aurora falls.

From ancient times, Aurora is believed to be "a road to connect the world to other worlds".

"Aurora Tarot" is made up of 42 cards.
Each card depicts flora and fauna, culture, and natural phenomena that live in the area where mysterious energy of aurora pours.

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▼ links to the explanation of each card


1  Polar Star
~axis, central, immovable, one and only~

"Pola Star" is a stationary star that shines in polar regions. It is the only one in this world, the one that does not change, the one that does not move.


2  Blizzard  
~stagnation, collapse of order~ 

"Blizzard" suddenly attacks destroys the order of the world, and cause chaos. This is a card that shows sudden change, confusion, and the invisible situation.


3  Caribou 
~Movement, growth, dynamic change~

"Caribou" does not settle. They are always moving in vast plains with a very large flock. This card means not to stay, changing, dynamic movement.

氷山 のコピー

4  Iceberg
seal, heritage, strong belief~

"Iceberg" which has been frozen over a long long time is a past heritage. It means situations, feelings, and beliefs that can not be changed easily.

ウミアック のコピー

5 Umiak
~Collaborate, combine forces, shared property~

"Umiac" is a boat on which more than one person can board. It is a common property of Inuit people. this card means the necessity of cooperation, and also represents a world that can not live alone.

霜 のコピー

6  Frost   
Facts become clear, certainty, earnest, decision

"Frost" emerges clearly the contours of every plant. It is a symbol of outstanding existence and also represents certainty.


ナヌーク のコピー

7  Nanook  
~Tension, excitement, confrontation~

Inuit calls a white bear as "Nanook". The emergence of "Nanook" gives people and animals tension. But Nanook himself is a symbol of strong and free existence.

ヘキニアット のコピー

8  Hekiniattu  
~Dawn, resurrection, reunion, blessing~

"Hekiniattu" is a word that celebrating dawn. It is drawn when polar night is over, and the sun returns to the horizon. It implies that all difficulties, sadness will fade away.


ダイアモンド のコピー

9  Diamond Dust  
~Brilliance, special time and space, good memories~

"Diamond dust" descends to the polar region  in the cold morning. this card means joy, rewards and deep impression that obtained by passing through a difficult period.


イヌクシュク のコピー

10  Inukshuk  
~Signals within friends, things that are deceptive, differences from appearance

"Inukshuk" is a stone statue that looks like a human figure. Inuits use this for various purposes. This can be a sign of welcome and sometimes used to deceive animals.

お茶 のコピー

11  Tea  
~Before the fight, calm your mind, calm~

For polar hunters, "tea" is indispensable to quell the mind before the fight. This card means " should have some room in your mind " and "preparatory stage".


くじら のコピー

12  Whale  
~Excitement, the arrival of opportunities, grace of destiny~

The tail of "whale" which jumped to the sea means "a visit of good fortune". This card means excitement, big opportunity, strong luck.


雪 のコピー

13  Snow  
~Blocking, protection, charity, silence~

"Snow" is not a cold thing in polar regions in the winter season. It fulfills the role of protecting trees and animals from cold winds. This is a symbol of compassion.


ジャコウウシ のコピー

14  Musk Ox  
~Attitude of defense, feelings wanted to maintain, cohesion~

"Musk ox" is big and black. They are conspicuous in place stained white with snow and ice, so they are easily attacked by enemies. Yet they take defensive craftsmanship and protect themselves well. This is a card that means unity and defense.


レミング のコピー

15  Lemming  
~Incomprehensible, pain not understood, misunderstanding~

"Lemming" is a small animal that takes a mysterious behavior. This is a symbol of "something hard to solve". This card tells you not to hurry the elucidation.

イグルー のコピー

16  Igloo  
~Shelter, wisdom, safe space with no gaps, close together~

'Igloo' is a comfortable space made of ice. This house is warm and safe because it is made by overlapping blocks of ice without any gap. This is a card that guarantees peace of mind.

オクピク のコピー

17  Okpik   
~Guardian, watching guard, prospects good, relief~

"Okupiku" is the guardian defense of the forest. He overlooks the ground from above the tall trees and is watching over. It is a card that symbolizes a guardian, ruler, person who can command from above.


タレーラユ のコピー

18  Taleelayu
~Fictional, talked stories, possibilities, imagination, different worlds~

"Talelayu" is a mermaid living in a fictitious world. It is a symbol of imagination. It also means the importance of imagination. If you flutter the fancy wings, everything will look different.


百夜 のコピー

19  White night  
~No boundary, things not finished, disappearance of restriction~

The period when the sun does not set even at night - that is "white night". This card means "loss of boundary line". It implies a state where things can not be separated.


ポリニヤ のコピー

20  Polynya  
~popular spots, miscellaneous groups, risky, blessing with danger~

The surface of open water surronded by sea ice is called "Polynya", where new and old life gathers and life and death dramas are being unrolled. This card means "blessing with danger".

光柱 のコピー

21 Luminous pillar 
~miracles,hopes, rarely experiences,  possible~ 

"Luminous pillar" that extends from a dark forest to the sky is one of phantoms from the reflection of light, but it really exists. This card symbolizes "miracles" or "hopes" and implies a seldom thing happens.

クィビトック のコピー

22  Qivituk  
~Leaving, escape, withdrawal, loneliness~

People who have left their friends in the hometown and gone somewhere secluded are called "Qivituk". This card implies the withdrawal and the need to shelter from the center of a scandal.


犬ぞり のコピー

23  Dog Sled  
~Strong ties, share the same fate,chain reaction~

The sled pulling dogs and the musher are tied to the same destiny. They cannot go separate ways. This card means "companions whom you share the same fate" and "changing direction is impossible".


乱氷 のコピー

24  Rough ice  
~Scattering, confusion, obstructing the way~

This card means “a thing blocking the road". It expresses the state of something being chaotic and also gives you the warning of "don't underestimate the situation".


ベリー のコピー

25  Berry  
~Harvest, realization, joy, get absorbed~

Ripen fruits can be harvested just some weeks in a year. "Berry" is a card which indicates “the time is ripe” and “joy only in the present moment”.


キビアック のコピー

26  Kiviak   
~Change caused by time, aging, fermentation, do not rush~

"Kiviak" is a local food of Inuit which increases the taste by fermentation. This card means " a situation changing by waiting a little" or "value increases as time goes by".



27  Mirage  
~Distortion, discomfort, mistakes,a skewed vision 

The "Mirage", which occurs by the bending of light rays, is a card which means "distortion" or "misunderstanding". This card suggests that you may have a skewed vision of your current situation.

ソープストーン のコピー

28  Soapstone  
~Ease, simple victory, relaxation, comfort~

"Soapstone" mined in the polar regions is much softer than the usual ones. This card is the symbol of "ease" and indicates it is unnecessary to think deeply.


ハナゴケ のコピー

29  Cladonia Cristatella 
~Circulation, something that connects life, a story with continuation, dirtiness~

"Cladonia Cristatella" is a plant that very sensitive to contaminated air. This is a symbol of "pure heart". It implies calculation and compromise are not permitted.

氷原 のコピー

30  Ice Field  
~Overlooking, disappearance of self, wide field of view~

When a human stands on an "ice field" that extends in an overwhelming scale, the insignificance of an individual stands out. This card means "philosophic view". It implies that worldly thoughts or the ego vanishes.


流木 のコピー

31  Driftwood  
~Guidance of fate, leave it to the flow, next mission~

This card depicts driftwood pieces, carried by currents, about to be washed onto an unknown place. It means 'a new path opens unexpectedly'.


イガルク のコピー

32  Igaluk  
~pursuit, willingness to dream, not give up~

"Igaluk" is a name of the moon God. There is a myth in the Arctic Circle that "Igaluk", the moon God, has been chasing the sun that can never be overtaken. This card indicates "pursuit".

白虹 のコピー

33  White Rainbow  
~Monotonous, only one wish, simplicity~

Normally, the rainbow has seven colors but "White Rainbow" has just one. "Monotony", "not wanting many things" and "simplicity" are shown on this card.


キョクアジサシ のコピー

34  Arctic Tern  
~Expanding world, continuation, fulfillment,  tough mind and body~

The "Arctic Tern" is an impressive migratory bird which travels between the north and south polar regions. This card represents "vigorousness" and "high capacity through experience".


スノークリスタル のコピー

35 Snow Crystal 
~Irreplaceable days, for once in a while, individuality~

Every snow crystal differs in size and shape. No two are exactly alike. Nothing can be replaced.This card means "preciousness" and "a diverse world".


ムラサキユキノシタ のコピー

36  Saxifraga Oppositifolia 
~Occupation, first ride, Place to prosper, spring comes~

“Purple Saxifrage” is a flower that flourishes in extreme conditions, and it occupies the barren land after glacial retreat. This card signifies prosperity, or that you can occupy the attention of the person in your mind.

森林限界 のコピー

37  Forest Limit  
~Boundary, two different worlds, division, rejection~

From here on, the point where plants do not grow is called the "forest limit". This card means "limit point"or "rejection".


真珠母雲 のコピー

38  Mother of Pearl Clouds 
~Puzzle, caution, mysterious charm~

"Mother-of-Pearl Clouds" suggest a mysterious future ahead. It symbolizes a feeling that something is about to happen, you are unwilling to do something, or an uncertain situation where it is hard to decide what to do.

ウル のコピー

39  Ullr  
~Things inherited, fixing, permanent, indispensable items~

"Ullr" is an almighty knife used by the Inuit in the Arctic Circle. They use it until it gets fit into their hands. This is a card representing "knowledge inherited as tradition" and "indispensable things in daily life".


ランプ のコピー

40  Lamp  
~Narrow field of vision, spot hitting only a part, concentration, little expectation~

The extent which a ”lamp” flame lights up is much narrower than the one which the sun shines. This card means "the situation seeing only a part" or "concentration on your consciousness".

メタモルフォシス のコピー

41  Metamorphosis 
~Transformation, time of change, temporary property change

"Metamorphosis" is the card which depicts the animals to be in the process of changing to something different. This card has the meaning of "something trying to change" or "personality that can't help changing temporarily".


ウグジュグナック のコピー

42  Clione  
~Homogeneity, agreement of personality, similarity, association~

In the Inuit languages, Clione is called a creature “like an earless seal.”
This card means "similarity" or "homogeneity."